Affordable Homes

At Affordable Homes of Arkport, NY our mission is to provide you with the quality home you desire at a fair price. That means no 'hidden' or 'extra' costs - we give you the total package for your new home up front.

We are Affordable Homes of Arkport New York and we're here to take you home!

Modular Building Solutions

Modular Homes are designed to sit on traditional basement walls or a crawlspace and are designed to be more adaptable to customizing. And allow for more on-site development. The homes we offer come in a variety of styles. Some of which include Ranch Homes, Cape Cods, & Two-Story homes. There are also various price points, from starter to Custom built homes. Let us help you design your dream home!

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes are a single family dwelling that come in either single-Section or multi-section. They are built completely at the factory by HUD regulated guidelines, beginning with a steel frame which becomes the "foundation" of your home. When finished, your home is transported to your site to be placed on either piers or a pad. All you need now are the keys!!